Stanley Donwood
Limited Edition Prints

Stanley Donwood has released a limited run of individual prints of the record cover for sale on his website - all 4 images. They come highly recommended from The Joy Of Living and go very well together as a set. Have a look on his site S L O W L Y D O W N W A R D M A N U F A C T O R Y

The Joy Of Living
Vinyl Release

February 2016
The Joy Of Living release a new record in February 2016 on Cariad Records. A fascinating project that brings together their music with artwork from Stanley Donwood. This is a limited run of 333 gatefold 180 gram vinyl records signed, prior to printing, by Stanley Donwood. This is The Joy Of Living's second collaborative work with the artist. The first being a CD release on Stanley Donwood's record label - Six Inch Records.

The Joy Of Living
and Stanley Donwood

The Joy of Living record is being released in a limited edition run of 333 vinyl copies. Who are you ? Give us some idea of how it all started?

Geoff – For me The Joy of Living began as a Bridge, then became a Raft. In the very beginning, David and I were musical companions only.
Then we became companions who happened to play music and, through both chance and design, had the joint realisation that we both inhabited very similar islands of outsiderness, especially when it came to music.
So this journey began as a duo, one gig, but the strangest the Jubilee Hall had ever seen, followed by a litany of bands.
Bands that had endless exposure in all the wrong places, toured extensively at home and abroad, and appeared on loads of independent vinyl releases. whole interview

New Howl Griff album

New Cariad Records signings Howl Griff will release Maximalism in Spring 2016. This will be their first album for the label. Prior to that they will release a single ‘Another Star’ on Feb 19, 2016.

This follows the albums Howl Griff, The Hum and Fragile Diamond all released on the Dockrad label.

Maximalism features a more progressive sound incorporating analogue synths, fuzzy guitars and vocals. Listen to it here

Tiskie Tapes
The Black Sparrows

Cariad Records first album release is Tiskie Tapes from The Black Sparrows is available on CD or digital download.

Tiskie Tapes - The Black Sparrows

Rebel Noise describes the release: London-bred ‘punk ‘n’ roll’ upstarts The Black Sparrows distill the best of The Libertines and Suede, pouring a brash ‘n’ rousing brew of gritty, but sharply focused indie rock tunes that foam over with restless punk rock energy and top pop exuberance. - Read review.

Another Star - Video
Howl Griff

A video is now available for Howl Griff's forthcoming single release Another Star

Another Star - Howl Griff - Youtube

A Murmured Life - Video
The Joy Of Living

A video is now available to coincide with the The Joy Of Living's vinyl release.

A Murmured Life - The Joy Of Living - Youtube