Perfect Fault

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Perfect Fault are Hywel Griffiths, Dan Edwards, Rob Taylor and Mark Sharpless.

Electric Mountain - EP

Electric Mountain - Perfect Fault

Electric Mountain - Reviews

Implementing very catchy musicianship, with very powerful Rock N Roll companionship, PERFECT FAULT, deliver a fine production for the Rock N Roll fan base, sounding a little less hard than say ROUGH JUSTICE, they are still perfectly heavy with a little lesser tone, if you get my drift, but implementing very catchy riffs and lyrics that may seem simple to us insane Metalheads, but trust me, open your mind a little and you'll be enjoying this gem in no time. Read review.

Recorded at the Cariad Studios in South London as mentioned on a downtime from its creator’s main projects, Electric Mountain is a richly pleasing stomp and a four track appetiser for a proposed album later in the year. It is fair to say that the release stokes the fires of anticipation for that prospect as easily as it leaves ears wanting more. Sometimes you only want sounds to rock out with, something adventurous within its own confines that fills the gap like a favourite meal, and Electric Mountain fits the bill from start to finish. Read review.

Flowers On The Lampost

Two videos were shot to compliment the release of the EP Electric Mountain. Both offer a rare and unique view of Perfect Fault.

Flowers On The Lampost - Perfect Fault - Youtube


Headstrong - Perfect Fault - Youtube