The Black Sparrows

Band Biography

The Black Sparrows are London's premier punk n roll band, playing a danceable mix of indie and punk.

Hailing from South London, The Black Sparrows have become stalwarts of the punk scene, dedicating songs to boozers and night buses alike.

Their debut album, Tiskie Tapes, is out now and features the single 'Dirty Lips' which has been played on BBC 6music.

Dirty Lips - Single

The deliciously audacious Dirty Lips was released 27/10/2015 and was picked up by BBC Radio 6 and Radio Wales amongst others.

Joyzine UK says: ‘Dirty Lips’ is the first single from their upcoming debut album Tiskie Tapes and this is one tune that you won’t be getting out of your head anytime soon. As soon as the first riff starts I guarantee you will be up on your feet dancing, screaming and generally wanting to go crazy. The catchy lyrics will have you singing for days. The energy in this track is outstanding and you can certainly get an idea of what it would sound like live. ‘Dirty Lips’ is the perfect example of British rock’n’roll and you’ll be left wondering why you didn’t listen to it sooner. With influence taken from The Libertines, The Clash and The Kinks it’s no wonder this band are making a big name for themselves within the British music scene. Read review.

Fresh On The Net says: The Black Sparrows deliver a lustful, depraved mess of a song in Dirty Lips. This anarchic, chaotic tune is perfect for when you want to give in to your weird side. They recently recorded their upcoming LP Tiskie Tapes, (a reference to the Polish Lager? I hope so) at Cariad Music Room. See review.

Tiskie Tapes

Tiskie Tapes - The Black Sparrows

Tiskie Tapes was recorded at Cariad Studio in Herne Hill during 2014 and 2015 and is available on CD from our Record Store page and as a digital download from itunes.

Mr Teeth Reviezs writes: Just like the aforementioned indie band though there’s also a certain British charm about the Black Sparrows that is likely to appeal to both the mods of the sixties and the punks of the seventies alike, at times the London cockney accent may sound a little forced but it’s still in keeping with what the band are about, whilst musically the guys have produced an album that flows throughout. Read review.

Rebel Noise comments: London-bred ‘punk ‘n’ roll’ upstarts The Black Sparrows distill the best of The Libertines and Suede, pouring a brash ‘n’ rousing brew of gritty, but sharply focused indie rock tunes that foam over with restless punk rock energy and top pop exuberance. The bright young lads (Dan on vocals and guitar, Tom on guitar, Rob on bass, and Kai on drums) radiate a quintessentially disarming British charm and desperately enthusiastic energy as they swing for the fences time and again on Tiskie Tapes, their debut album to be released November 27th on Cariad Records. Read review.

Queen's Head

Video for Queen's Head. Shot on location in Brixton.

Brixton Buzz:Like the Fat Whites, the Sparras have spent a long time imbibing the wares on offer at the Queen’s, and some of those experiences inform their finely honed set of punk ’n’ roll tunes. See article.

Queen's Head - The Black Sparrows - Youtube

Riffed: Interview

excerpt: Who are your biggest musical influences and inspirations?

If we asked our lead singer he'd probably say Buzzcocks, or the Libertines, he might even be soppy enough to say Billy Bragg. The lead guitarist would say Dillinger Escape Plan though. Sort of gives the idea of the somewhat fractious nature of the band, but apparently one of the collective nouns for a sparrow is a 'quarrel', which certainly gives an accurate description after a couple of hours in the practice room. See Interview.