The Joy Of Living

The Joy Of Living

 • created as a bucolic revolution...a haven perhaps? to experience life at the opposite end of the sonic spectrum, the result of time spent in the nebulous world of industrial servitude.

From duo to collective and finally institution, the core evolves around multi – instrumentalist and composer David, who along with Geoff, (drums/rhythmic layers and few words) and Tammay (vocals) perform a gentle collision of Sunshine POP, Cosmic German and Incidental, with a moderate breeze of Latin running throughout. All music is played on instruments of correct size and shape, using the warm discipline of the old world, then carefully rooted within the circuitry of now.

Previous writings on The Joy Of Living have included -

'….to plough their own peculiar, quintessentially English furrow of baroque psychedelia, with their blissfully melancholic cycle of summer garden micro-operas, melting into a sequence of vagrant coda's' or

'…...shockingly beautiful, but with an undertow of worldly – weird'.

 • but what could it all mean?

It's simply Folk music, sonically removed perhaps {and created within in the eye of a previous storm}, but it's warm, easy and euphoric on the ear, adding just enough pathos to the joy of the human experience.

Folk music....

and for this definitive release, The Joy Of Living have the blessing from the Artist and Author Stanley Donwood, who has kindly supplied the artwork for the cover. There is a geographical connection with both band and artist hailing from eastern parts of Essex. This is expressed through the accompanying short film being shot on 'The Broomway' in Essex. This is a medieval causeway that that appears to head straight out to sea to avoid dangerous muddy creeks allowing people to cross to Foulness Island. However this ancient pathway is now hardly used, partly due to the military in modern times building a bridge and not allowing access to the Island and partly as it now crosses a Ministry of Defence firing range. However even prior to these more recent changes it has a history of danger as it rapidly disappears under water when the tide comes up. This explains the accompanying loss of life over the centuries due to people drowning as they got caught out with the rising tide offshore, often lost on the path due to a descending fog combining with the flat featureless expanse of sky, sea and mud.

This area of coast is the inspiration for the artwork that Stanley Donwood has drawn for the cover of the limited edition vinyl release.

This is The Joy of Living's second collaboration with Mr Donwood who in 2009 released 'The Beyond Within' on his own '6 inch records'. The accompanying launch night where 'The Joy of Living' played live signified both 'the launch' and 'the death' of the label within the space of a few hours. In addition the vinyl is limited to only 333 numbered copies signed, prior to the print run, by Stanley Donwood.

' ...quietly perfect but mildly unsettling'

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The Interview

The Joy of Living record is being released in a limited edition run of 333 vinyl copies. Who are you ? Give us some idea of how it all started?

Geoff – For me The Joy of Living began as a Bridge, then became a Raft. In the very beginning, David and I were musical companions only.
  Then we became companions who happened to play music and, through both chance and design, had the joint realisation that we both inhabited very similar islands of outsiderness, especially when it came to music. So this journey began as a duo, one gig, but the strangest the Jubilee Hall had ever seen, followed by a litany of bands.
Bands that had endless exposure in all the wrong places, toured extensively at home and abroad, and appeared on loads of independent vinyl releases. Read the whole interview.